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"God is too big to look for. You simply open your eyes."

Charlie The Fox

  • Growing up, Charlie heard stories about God creating the Heavens and the Earth and everything in them. Charlie wants to find the God who did this. He believes that the God who created the Heavens and the Earth must be big. He must be easy to find. Charlie looks for God everywhere, but to his surprise, he can't find God anywhere. Everyone he talks to has never seen God. When Charlie is about to give up on his search for God an owl flies up who claims he has seen God. When Charlie ask the owl where God is the owl's response is not what Charlie was ready to hear. "To look for God is to say that there is somewhere that he isn't and that is not true.........because God is everywhere.........God is too big to look for. You simply open your eyes." The owl is hidden on each page of the book from the beginning of Charlie's adventure until the end. This represents God always being there even tho we don't always recognize it. The back page is a picture of an owl made out of many other animals. This represents that God is in the big and small things. Kids will love going back through and finding the owls.

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