Spoken Word Videos by Daniel Nalley

"God is to big to look for. To look for him is to say there is somewhere he is not...and that simply isn't true because God is everywhere."   Daniel Nalley

A Call To Worship

A spoken word about being in God's presence. What does it look like? Why do we worship? Is it more than just music?

New Years  Resolution 

What if you and I resolved to love without condition...... what might the world look like?

Supernaturally Restored 

The Gospel Spoken word from the fall of man to redemtion. Jesus was always God's plan.

The Lies of Lust

In a culture of perversion there is hope to be  pure of heart.

Human Trafficking

A spoken word about what many victims of human trafficking go through and a call to end this injustice.

Who's the Fool?

A Spoken word about batteling against an  atheist worldview during my school years.