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Six-Month Missional Internship

We believe in the next generation. We want to see them fully discipled and prepared to minister to those around them. The six-month Missional journey will be fully immersed in discipleship and outreach

What does the internship look like?

The missional internship is hands-on. Those who go through this program will live life on mission with the Gospel Encounter team. The interns will participate in mission trips, discipleship classes, street evangelism, and so much more.

The first half

The first half if the internship is focused on discipleship. The interns will have classes in lifestyle evangelism, how to interpret scripture, Acts 2 church model and many more. The start of the internship will kick off with the Spring Impact Mission trip. 

The second half

The second half focuses on hands on experience. We will go to different outreaches across southern Illinois as well as other partnering ministry in other states. Using the skills that we have acquired during the first part of the internship, we will share the Gospel with those we meet during outreaches.

Who can apply?

Currently the internship is open to young adults ages 18-26. Those who want to apply must have a heart to serve and a hunger to share Jesus with others. This internship will be an intense time of building relationships and sharing Jesus. 

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